I help coaches feel confident...

doing it their own unique way.

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Want to build a coaching practice with more ease and fun?

Create clarity in your unique approach and deepen your coaching conversations, so you can help your clients transform. 

Let go of the rules that don’t feel in integrity, so you can feel confident coaching and doing business in your own unique way.

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I call myself “The Coach's Coach”.

I know what it's like to feel doubtful about helping clients create results and build a coaching practice from the ground up.

I followed the rules someone successful taught me and wondered why it wasn't working. I discovered it was because I was different, so I had to do it differently.

I figured out how to coach with confidence in my own unique way and do business in a way that's in integrity with my values. I’d love to help you do the same.

I'm a Master Certified Coach who helps coaches deepen their coaching conversation. I help coaches facilitate their client’s transformation and embody new beliefs.  I help coaches build a coaching practice they love, with more confidence. I offer coaching and mentorship.



"I was so happy working with you!!! 

Do it. It's a no-brainer! Worth every penny, as a matter of fact, the transformation and growth I experienced - I can't even put a price tag on it. It's infinite!! I'm still growing now after the program has ended!"

Charlotte Smith - The Marketing and Mindset Coach for Farmers



"Nicky is a brilliant coach who challenges my thinking and helps me question my own deeply-ingrained beliefs about myself and what I’ve been taught.

She helps me see new and different perspectives. She helps me see what is possible in my business and my personal life."

Suzi Hixon - Legally Blissed




“Thankyou for being SO amazing! Finding you is one of THE most wonderful things I have done in this lifetime!”

Leanne Stockwell - A Better You

I can help you: 

Deepen Your Coaching

I will give you tools to deepen your coaching conversations, so you can help your clients embody new beliefs and transform.

Grow Your Practice

I will offer you insights on how to attract paying clients and build the back end of your coaching practice, in your own unique way. 

Do it with LOVE

I can help you feel confident doing it your way. So you can build a business you love, that's in integrity with your values.



  • love coaching, you care deeply about your clients and you want to make an impact in the world.

  • want to feel confident and in alignment with what you offer your clients.   

  • appreciate a compassionate coach.  

  • don’t feel confident as a coach or solopreneur YET. 

  • are holding onto rules that no longer serve you.  

  • want to take action, move forward despite the self doubt, self criticism and confusion. 

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About Me

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I acknowledge Australia’s First Peoples, the traditional custodians of the land, who represent the oldest surviving living culture on the planet. I pay my respects to elders past, present and future.